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How to Level a Hot Tub : The Ultimate Guide | JOYEE

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Update time : 2023-06-16 17:56:55
Once you get a hot tub, the next step will be the installation of the hot tub. For a perfect installation, the hot tub should be perfectly leveled. Unfortunately, many new users get confused about balancing a hot tub and they don’t know how to balance a hot tub?
Leveling a hot tub is not a complicated task, but it is essential for the smooth running and functioning of the hot tub. You should level a hot tub as perfectly as possible. JOYEE hot tub has prepared a complete guide about leveling a hot tub. Keep on reading to know a few valuable tips about leveling your hot tub on the uneven surface.
How to Level a Bathtub?
Leveling a hot tub will be of immense importance for the smooth running of the hot tub, because the uneven placement of the hot tub could break or crack its exterior. To level a hot tub, you can use multiple materials and things. China Royal spa suggests using the following items to level a hot tub.
Wooden Platform
Plastic Shims
A Spa or Hot Tub leveler
A Concrete Pad
Build a Customized Pad for Your Hot Tub
Use a Wooden Platform to Level a Hot Tub.
If there is a slope of one inch or two on the installation area of the hot tub, you can use the wooden platform to level the surface of the hot tub.
How to Place the Wooden Platform?
Move the hot tub aside from the installation area
Get the pressure treated 2×4 boards and a sheet of exterior grade plywood
Cut the boards into pieces based on the specific shape of the slope
Place them over the slope at the installation area
Attach the exterior plywood to the wooden boards and cut the extra wedges
Reinstall the hot tub at its new leveled space
Benefits of the Wooden Platform.
Provides a solid place for leveling
Budget friendly
Easily available
The installation is easy
Limitations of the Wooden Platform.
The wooden platform is perfect for a sloppy area about an inch or two. It may not give you excellent results if the slope is more profound than an inch or two.
Use Plastic Shims to Level a Massage Spa.
If your hot tub rests on a slope of an inch or less, you can use the plastic shims to perfectly level the hot tub. These plastic shims are available in the market, and you can get them according to the size of your hot tub. They are pressure resistant and could endure the weight of your hot tub. Moreover, they will not cost you a lot of budgets and save your money.
How to Place the Plastic Shims?
Identify the sloppy area under the hot tub
Drain the hot tub water completely
Place the plastic shims on the lowest sides of the hot tub
Place the plastic shims on the regular interval at the sloppy area of the hot tub
To perfectly level your hot tub, JOYEE hot tub suggests following the brand’s guidelines. If your hot tub manufacturer does not allow you plastic shims for leveling, better avoid using it.
Benefits of the Plastic Shims.
Budget friendly
Easily available
Pressure resistant
Easy installation
Drawbacks of the Plastic Shims.
They are perfect for the sloppy area about an inch or less. However, they may not give you excellent results if the slope is more profound than an inch. Additionally, they are perfect only for a few hot tubs and many hot tub manufacturers do not suggest using the plastic shims for the hot tub leveling.
Use a Spa or Hot Tub Leveler to Level the Hot Tub.
You can use the spa or hot tub leveler to perfectly level your hot tub. The spa levelers are available in the market, and you can choose according to the size and depth of the sloppy area of your hot tub. However, the spa or hot tub leveler gives you the best results when the slope is more significant than an inch.
How to Use the Spa or Hot Tub Leveler?
Move the hot tub away from the installation space
Place the spa or hot tub leveler at the right placed
Reinstall the hot tub at the leveled space
Benefits of the Spa or Hot Tub Leveler.
Easily available
Perfect for the sloppy area of an inch or even more significant than an inch
Portable, and you can quickly move it to the new installation area
Drawbacks of the Spa or Hot Tub Leveler.
Although the spa or hot tub leveler has various benefits, but the only drawback of the spa leveler is that its purchasing cost is higher than the other materials. It could cost you approximately $600 including the shipping charges.
Use the Pavers to Level the Pool.
Apart from the concrete slab and spa leveler, pavers are also used to level the hot tub. Multiple types of pavers are available in the market such as; concrete pavers, cobblestone pavers, brick pavers, flagstone pavers and rubber pavers.
How to Use Pavers for Hot Tub Leveling?
Identify the installation area of the hot tub
Create a bed of sand at the installation area, according to the size o the hot tub
Compact down the sand bed and level it perfectly
Place pavers over the sand bed
Make sure that the pavers are perfectly leveled
Install the hot tub over the leveled pavers
The Benefits of the Pavers.
High density materials and offer more support than any other material
They have low absorption and could not cause salt scaling or any other issue
Readily available in the market
Drawbacks of the Pavers.
Pavers have various benefits; however, they may cause stress to the hot tub exterior. To minimize the stress level, China Royal Spa suggests having the smooth pavers that could be interlocked.
Build a Customized Pad for the Hot Tub.
If you don’t want to spend a lot of budget on the above mentioned options for leveling your hot tub, you can build and construct a customized pad for your hot tub. If you have carpentry knowledge and skills, you can make the personalized pad for your hot tub at your home. Get the measurement of the sloppy area of your hot tub and design the personalized pad with the help of wood and sand.
The Benefits of the Customized Pad.
It is budget-friendly
You can make it at your home
It is a customized pad therefore, gives perfect leveling to your hot tub
Limitations of the Customized Pad.
You can make the customized pad at your home, but the process of making is too long, and you will only get a perfect pad if you have knowledge and skills of carpentry.  Even if you have the knowledge, there are chances that you may end up in failure. Additionally, the process is time consuming.
So, these are some of the materials and surfaces that you can use to level your hot tub. However, some users put the hot tubs over the concrete slab and pavers and face uneven surface. If you are one of them and facing the same issue.JOYEE hot tub is here to help you; read the following part of the blog and sort out your issue.

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