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FAQ about hot tub III | JOYEE

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Update time : 2023-06-15 14:57:58
  1. How Many Liters is a Hot Tub?
Water capacity of a spa depends upon the size and seating. However, each cubic foot of spa requires 7.5 gallons.
A 3 persons spa requires 210 gallons to get filled.
A 5 persons spa holds 310 gallons.
  1. The Best Spa Features.
Hot tubs have many features to make water activity more fun and give you a lifetime experience. Some of the features are as follows.
Reliable raw material.
Exterior cabinets.
Light Therapy
Hydro Massage.
Temperature controller
Music Therapy
Room theatre
HD video monitors
Water treadmill
Cooling system
Heating system
Multiple sizes
Multiple colors
Ample Seating capacity
  1. Massage Hot Tub Accessories List
Hot tubs have a lot of built-in accessories that gives you pleasure and relaxation.
However, in addition to these built-in accessories, you can further install additional accessories to enhance the experience further.
Here, JOYEE hot tub team provides you with a complete list of built-in and additional accessories.
  1. Built-in Accessories
LED Lights
Music System
Room Theater
Hydro massage Jets
UV Disinfection System
Ozone System
  1. Additional Accessories
drink holder
Aromatherapy Fragrance
Oil-absorbing sponge
Spa wall hanging shed
Waterproof pool radio
Bath kit
Spa cleaner
Bath pillow
Hand skimmer
Waterproof playing card
Waterproof games
Flower LED spa lights
Side cover umbrella
Towel warmers
  1. What are the Sizes of Massage Spas?
There are multiple sizes of spas that are available in the market. Here is the general size range according to the seating capacity.
1-2 person spa or jacuzzi spa
3-4 person spa or jacuzzi spa
5 person spa or jacuzzi spa
6 person spa or jacuzzi spa
7-8 person spa or jacuzzi spa
10-13 person spa or jacuzzi spa
JOYEE hot tub has all the above-mentioned size of the hot tubs. You can get that is best suitable for you.
  1. What are the Functions of Pools?
Here is a list of all the spa’s functions.
The spa filters the water.
It provides you with an ideal temperature and gives you a feeling of relaxation.
It provides you with light therapy.
It provides you with music therapy.
The ozone system provides you with clean and healthy water.
The jets in the spas give you a hydro massage.
Multiple seating arrangements of spas gives you an opportunity to enjoy with your family and friends.
  1. How Hot Tubs Work?
Hot tubs have different components, and they are responsible for the working. These components work for the smooth working.
The shells hold the water with multiple jets installed inside it, pumps circulate the water, controller and heater maintain water circulation and heat, and most importantly filters work to keep the water clean and hygienic in the spa.
  1. What Hot Tubs Chemicals Do I need?
Many spas have a built-in cleaning system that keeps them clean and hygienic.
However, the owners still need to put chemicals for safety and hygiene. The owner should have sanitizer, chlorine, pH Increaser, pH Decreaser and Deformer at home.
  1. How Soon Can We Use Hot Tub After Adding Chemicals?
The chemicals are necessary to clean the water. However, if you add chemicals in the spa to clean the water, you should not use it immediately.
How soon you can use it after adding the chemicals depends on the type of chemicals you are adding into the water.
If you have mixed chlorine in the spa, wait for 30 minutes after adding the chlorine and If you have mixed pH plus into the spa water, wait for 15-20 minutes.

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