JOYEE Wholesale Hot Tub Spa Manufacturers & Supplier in China

Joyee Sanitary ware Industrial Co .Ltd. is a modernized enterprise. Our factory located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, the company cover of 12,000 square meters, possesses the highly modernized office building and industrial plants, and has accumulated solid strength developed a very good environment.

Our Joyeebath Outdoor spa are concise, fashionable and unique. With strong developing and designing capabilities, we pay attention to the persistent innovation of the products. Holding the business “philosophy of Quality, service and innovation”, we allure excellent talents of the circle and adopt advanced craft and automatic testing facilities and carry the production strictly in accordance with ISO9001-2000 International Quality management System.
JOYEE are made from the best materials and each details manufactured carefully and tested thoroughly! Accordingly a JOYEE fulfills the highest quality standards. A good Spa begins with a good spa shell! Our time-tested acrylic surface ensures lasting durability. Each JOYEE HOT TUB is made of continuous cast acrylic. Different layers of woven glass fibre in combination with dense urethane insulation,result in a tremendous strong shell structure!

The acrylic with a granite look, works well as a decorative feature, complementing both indoor and outdoor surroundings, making your JOYEE spas a true part of its environment. Aristech's patented pebbled texture also minimizes water spots, fingerprints, and other marks.
Being able to enjoy the pleasure and relaxation of a JOYEESPA is one of the most satisfying experiences in life! And it's not surprising, because you're continuing a tradition started thousands of years ago when people first found comfort in aerated hot mineral springs. The ability to get out of the strain of daily life and step into your own JOYEESPA is a real privilege. The escape to your 'own', personal wellness space is a 'must have', making a JOYEESPA a little holiday in your daily life!

The hydrotherapy jets are strategically located to give you the ultimate acupressure massage. Utilizing high flow water jets, we have managed to put together the perfect packages that will soothe and massage your aching muscles. At the same time, high performance pumps and manifolding as-sure steady water pressure at every jet.
To make your JOYEESPA a perfect fit to your home architecture and landscaping, you can choose from an array of acrylic color, skirt panel color and other configurations combinations!

Many options like Balboa WiFi, Bluetooth music, LED fountain, corner light and waterfall, you can add it to make your spa more luxurious. In addition, JOYEESPA also offer some spa accessories, such as cover lifter, filter washer, spa float dispenser , sand filter and so on. It can bring more convenience for you to use the spa and make you more enjoy it.
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