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How Does An Affordable Plug-In Spa Work? | JOYEE

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Update time : 2023-09-14 16:35:11

How Does An Affordable Plug-In Spa Work?

Owning a spa no longer has to be an irreversible decision or long-lasting commitment. You no longer have to worry about building permanent structures to accommodate a spa. There are now affordable plug-in spa systems that allow you to be more flexible with your options. You do not need any special equipment aside from a wall outlet. It’s that simple: add water, plug it in, and you are ready to use your new spa! 

The Advantages of a Plug In Spa

There are several advantages to buying an affordable plug-in spa, also known as a plug-n-play hot tub. The first advantage is the lower starting cost. Plug-in spas have prices on the lower end of the costs of hot tubs. They don’t always offer all of the same features as more expensive models, but they are much cheaper than you may realize!

You also save money by eliminating the need to hire an electrician or construction crew. For in-ground or permanent hot tubs, you would have to have an electrician come out to your property and install a completely new electrical system. Some homes were previously unable even to have a hot tub installed because of their outdated wiring and electrical system. You can just use any existing outlet for a plug-in spa.

Aside from electrical considerations, you might have had to build, tear down an area, or dig a hole in your yard to have a place to put the hot tub. Plus, you would most likely have to construct some sort of structure to hide the equipment and wiring. However, with a plug-in spa, you do not need to modify your home in any way or dig up your yard. It can be placed anywhere without much hassle. Another great benefit is that they can fit in nearly any space and are easy to maintain. 

The Disadvantages of a Plug-In Spa

There are a few disadvantages of a plug-and-play spa, however, that you should consider. Since these hot tubs use a standard voltage in order to be more convenient, this also means that they have less power and require longer heating times. A plug-in spa can take twice as long to heat up compared to a permanent hot tub. 

These spas are also smaller in size and therefore, they have smaller parts. It’s great that they do not require as much space as other hot tubs and spas, but they also don’t have as many jets or other features. Pump power is limited in these spas as the power source comes from a standard outlet and requires a smaller pump. 

Is an Affordable Plug-In Spa Right for You?

Now that you know the pros and cons of buying an affordable plug-in spa, it is time to decide if this is the right fit for you. The easy installations are a significant selling point, especially for those renting or not at their permanent residence yet. They can also be moved around the property with little to no fuss if you change your mind about where you want it. However, if you need a sunken deck hot tub, then the traditional hardwired hot tub may be a better option for you. 

Another determining factor is the season and when you will be using the hot tub. If you are located in a climate that experiences cold seasons and plan on using the hot tub for an extended period during the winter, you may need to opt for a hardwired model. If you do not plan to use your hot tub during the winter, then a plug-and-play one is a better option as it allows you to simply cover the hot tub up for the winter and save money on heating costs. If you are located in a warmer climate, you can use it outside year-round!

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