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Hot tubbing in the winter with your JOYEE Spa | JOYEE

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Update time : 2023-09-18 14:27:51
Baby, It’s Cold Outside! 

There is no need to go into hibernation when the temperatures drop and the days become shorter; wintertime is hot tub season!  Most JOYEE owners understand the many wellness benefits hot tubs provide, and there are lots of great reasons to continue using your hot tub all winter.  Nothing is more relaxing than sinking into the blissfully warm water of your spa on a chilly winter day.

Hot Tubbing in the Winter Offers Warmth

A hot water hug from your JOYEE spa is the perfect way to beat the chill. Just put on your bathing suit, fluffy robe, and maybe even your warmest hat, and you are ready for a relaxing and revitalizing soak—no need for multiple layers of winter gear to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.  Instead, submerging in the toasty water will keep you warm and cozy.  As a result, you will sleep well and feel energized the next day.

Hot Tubbing in the Winter Offers Pain Relief

If your body gets stiff or achy this time of year, you will especially love winter hot tub time.  Muscle and joint pain are almost always worse in the winter, but hot tubs can help provide some relief. The heat from the water combined with the massaging jets may soothe sore muscles and may reduce inflammation. This is also known as hydrotherapy which athletes use to help speed up recovery from injuries. 

Hot Tubbing in the Winter Offers Stress Relief

Your massage hot tub isn’t just for aches and pains; it is also good for your soul.  Whatever your stresses may be, you can take a moment to clear your mind and unwind in your JOYEE spa.  Imagine your worries floating away with the rising steam as you sit back and relax.  The warm water in your hot tub may help to lower your stress and leave you with a sense of contentment and peace. In addition, a luxurious soak can drastically improve your mood and emotional health.

Hot Tubbing in the Winter Creates New Seasonal Traditions

Let’s not forget to share this hot tub happiness with your partner, children, and friends (maybe not all at the same time) .  Winter is the perfect time to start new traditions in your JOYEE hot tub!  How about a romantic evening with your significant other, a hot tub family fun night with the kids, or a festive holiday hot tub party with the neighbors?  Using your JOYEE spa in the winter is a great way to spend quality time with loved ones without distractions from technology.  All can enjoy the warmth of the water while sharing good conversations and many laughs.  After all, hot tubbing makes great memories! 
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