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Hot Tub Manufacturing: How Luxurious Hot Tubs are Made | JOYEE

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Update time : 2023-07-19 17:39:01

When looking for a Spa, you want a quality purchase worth every penny you are willing to spend. A hot tub is an investment in your home, and knowing how they are manufactured and packaged can make all the difference when you decide to take the plunge and purchase one.

Everyone loves to slip away from real life now and then. A backyard retreat after a long day or week is the perfect way to do that. Creating an environment that you love to come home to is very precious. Enjoying a nice time in some comforting bubbles off your deck can be one of the most enjoyable experiences.

Basic Components

Once you decide to purchase a massage pool, it is sensible to begin looking them up, doing some research, and getting familiar with the different parts, basic functions, and details of the main components. This will help you to better understand the salesman at the store or the description of what you read while shopping online.

The Acrylic Hot Tub Shell

The shell on a outdoor spa is made from acrylic. To mold the acrylic, it is heated and positioned over a mold which forms into the part of the hot tub where you will be sitting. The hot tub shell goes through several processes where it is heated and cooled. Resin and fiberglass are also added to be sure the spa will be sturdy, durable, and long-lasting.


Your hot tub is going to be spending an ample amount of time outside in the weather elements. The cabinets need to be made out of cedar or redwood to withstand harsh weather and remain in good condition for the life of your hot tub. It is also becoming popular for hot tub cabinets to be made from faux materials that look like wood but are made of resin. These types of materials will last long without the need to restain as you do with wood.


A modern tub pump is what powers the jets and gets the water circulating. Pumps help keep the hot tub water looking crystal clear and inviting. You want to make sure the pump system in your hot tub is of top quality.

Hot Tub Jets

The China spa jets are what create that wonderful, relaxing massage that you look forward to every time you get in. The jets pulsate the water and move it back and forth. Hot tub jets used to be made out of plastic but now the manufacturers use materials such as vinyl and acrylic. Other materials can be used as well and they all are made to last a long time. If you find yourself needing a new jet, they are universal and easy to replace.


If you own a bathtub, you understand how important a filter is. A filter keeps all of the pesky harsh elements away from the hot tub. They help to get rid of dirt, bugs, or any particles that are not wanted due to weather elements, etc…

A filter is made out of a cotton-like material and there are a few different kinds available for purchase. You can clean your filter with water weekly to help with its efficiency and keep your hot tub clean for a long time.


No one wants to put harsh chemicals in their hot tub. Chemicals can irritate the skin and have very strong smells. An ozonator is a natural cleaning agent which requires you to use less harsh chemicals but will still keep the water clean and healthy.

Hot Tub Lighting

JOYEE hot tub lighting can set the mood for your hot tub experience. Lighting can be fun, romantic, cozy, or show off the great details in your hot tub. Lighting can move with music to give any gathering some added momentum. Lighting is the icing on the hot tub cake.


The 10 Steps in Hot Tub Manufacturing

10 steps go into the entire process of hot tub manufacturing from start to finish. Every step is important on its own and comes together to deliver one quality finished product.

  1. Vacuum-Forming or Thermo-Forming Outer Shell - This process is what is made to mold the hot tub into its fantastic design.
  2. Shell Reinforcing is done by heating the mold and adding resin and fiberglass to ensure the hot tub is durable.
  3. Drilling and Cutting are necessary steps to be sure all of the parts are correctly placed and fitted together.
  4. Plumbing plays an intricate part in the making of the hot tub. Without plumbing, the water would not be able to circulate and drain from the tub to the filter, to the jets, and back around.
  5. Framing is necessary to be able to fit the hot tub into the beautiful cabinets you have chosen for your hot tub.
  6. Equipment used for a hot tub needs to be quality and durable.
  7. Testing a hot tub is important to be sure there are no leaks and to make sure the water has healthy chlorine and alkaline levels.
  8. Insulation (Spray Foam) will keep your hot tub protected from the weather elements and that will enable it to last for many enjoyable years.
  9. Cabinetry and ABS Bottom must be made to withstand and hold up against the weather and wearing in general for years to come.
  10. Cleaning and Packaging are what the final product looks like before it is shipped to you or the store where you will buy it from. This final packaging needs to be appealing and aesthetically pleasing.


A hot tub is manufactured to be made durable and strong enough to hold up under proper care for the life of the hot tub. A hot tub is a purchase that will become part of many parties, events, and gatherings over many years and each manufacturer wants their customers to be over the moon with their product. How a hot tub is made is very important. Each piece of the manufacturing process needs to be carefully monitored and completed successfully.

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