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Some FAQs About the Hot Tub Pump | JOYEE

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Update time : 2023-07-14 14:42:05
What Size Pump Do You Need for Your Hot Tub?
Different models of the hot tubs have different size hot tub jets and therefore, there is no specific size and dimensions fixed for all the hot tub pumps. If the hot tub has large jets then it needs 1/ 4 HP per jet. Moreover, if you want to replace the hot tub pump, note down the model and specifications of the pump and get similar to that model.
Should Your Spa Pump Run all the Time?
JOYEE Spa suggests running the hot tub pump 8 hours per day. However, you must ensure the safety measures that shut down the pump automatically.
How Do You Know If Your Massage Tub Pump is Working?
If there is no sound of your pump, it means it is running perfectly fine. The quiet operation is an indication of the smooth running of the hot tub pump. However, the loud noise, gurgling and humming in the hot tub pump are indications of a problem. If you hear such noise, you have to repair or replace the pump at the earliest.
How Long Does the China Pool Pump Last?
The hot tub pump lasts for 5 to 10 years. However, with proper care and maintenance, it can last longer than this. If you want to enjoy the smooth running of the spa pump, the JOYEE HOT TUB suggests to proper and scheduled maintenance.
Can I Add a Pump in the Sexy Spa?
Many new users ask this question that if they can add an additional pump in the hot tub for the excellent flow. The answer is No, you cannot add the additional pump in the hot tub. If you do so, it will ruin the hot tub quality and the effect the hot tub life.
Why Do Some Whirlpool Spa Have Two Pumps?
Some hot tubs have one pump with two different speed ranges. However, in some cases the hot tub models have two different pumps with a single speed range. One pump has a low speed that uses less energy and circulates the water. However, the second one has a high speed, uses more energy, and circulates the water through hot tub jets.
Can I Upgrade My Bathtub Pump?

Many new users ask this question that if they can upgrade the spa pump to increase the flow and circulation. The answer is NO, you cannot upgrade the spa pump. If you want to replace the pump, get the same models of the pump.
Is there a Reset Button in the Hot Tub Pump?
Yes, the hot tub pump has an upper-limit hot tub button.
Do Swimming Pools Have Two Pumps?
Multiple models of the hot tubs are available in the market. Different models have a different number of pumps. Some of them have a single pump with a variable speed range. However, some models have two pumps with a single speed. So, the number of pumps depends upon the spa model.
Do You Have to Drain the Hot Tub Pump Before Replacing the Hot Tub Pump?
Yes, you need to completely drain the hot tub pump before starting the process of hot tub pump replacement.
How Do you Know If Your Luxury Tub Pump has Two speed?
Check the user manual if you want to know whether the hot tub pump has a single speed or two speed ranges. If there is only one number, its a one speed pump. However, if there are two numbers, its a two-speed pump.
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