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Why Recommend to Add Swimming Spa Cover? | JOYEE

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Update time : 2022-09-27 17:16:29
JOYEE - Why Recommend to Add Swimming Spa Cover?
1.Function of insulation
Many swimming pools are equipped with heating equipment.
The cover will not let the water temperature be too low, making swimmers feel comfortable. Without any thermal insulation measures, the water temperature will drop rapidly, which wastes energy!
2.Function of anti-evaporation
The evaporation of water in swimming pools is not only a waste of resources, but also a hazard to our indoor swimming pools. Because the more water evaporates, the more humid and warm our indoor environment will be.
In this case, it will cause some damage to our swimming pool equipment. If we use such a pool cover, the evaporation of pool water will be significantly reduced to achieve the purpose of saving and protection.
3.Function of safety
Swimming pools are not a threat to adults, but for some children or pets, there is a possibility of drowning, especially for some family swimming pools, which can be well prevented by using swimming pool covers.
4.Function of hygiene
The pool cover can also play the role of dust prevention and leaf prevention, keep the pool clean, facilitate cleaning, no longer worry about dirt, and have a beautiful effect.
5.Function of space utilization
When not in use, the cover can save space and it will make your garden more beautiful.
That's why we recommend to add the pool cover, it is so important, not only for saving us time and money but also for saving energy.

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