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What Causes Hot Tub Foam and How to Get Rid of It | JOYEE

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Update time : 2023-09-28 11:37:24
Do you ever open your spa cover and find the tub full of foamy water? This is a common hot tub problem and leaves many people wondering, what causes hot tub foam?

Below, I’ll explain the causes of excessive hot tub bubbles and how to easily fix this problem for good!

There are three main causes of hot tub foam:

-Believe it or not, foamy water can be caused by soap residue in your swim suit, as well as fabric softener, body lotion, hair products, skin oil and makeup.

Using a scum digester, such as ecoTUB Scum Buster will remedy foamy water caused by soap residues and beauty products. You can also help prevent foam in the hot tub by using an oxidizing shock after each use and a floating oil absorber, such as a Zorbo.

-Low calcium levels (aside from being damaging to equipment) can also decrease the surface tension in the water and allow for excessive sudsing.

To prevent this issue, use Hardness test strips once a week to check and maintain the calcium hardness level in your outdoor  hot tub. If low, use Calcium Hardness Booster.

-Imbalanced water can cause all sorts of issues, from green, to stinky, to even foamy hot tub water.

Prevent foam due to high pH by using pH & Alkalinity Decreaser . Use Alkalinity Up pH & TA Increaser for raising low pH. Test your water once a week to maintain a healthy hot tub.


Based on the cause of your hot tub foam, here are some helpful products:

· Oxidizing Shock

· Alkalinity Up pH & TA Increaser

· pH & Alkalinity Decreaser

· ecoTUB Scum Buster

· Zorbo Oil Absorber

· Foam Free Water Defoamer for Spas

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