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Things You Should Know Before Buying a Hot Tub

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Update time : 2022-08-03 17:29:00
Whether you're preparing for a relaxing vacation for the whole family or are just interested in purchasing your first hot tub spa, there are several things you should know before putting your money down on the purchase. Read on to learn about safety features and the different types of hot tubs and spas available in the market. It's important to keep in mind that your children shouldn't stay in a hot tub longer than 15 minutes. A hot tub with a low temperature of 98deg is ideal for young children, but you can't risk overheating them. A spa with a high seat is best for young children, as it allows them to only immerse their waist.

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Before you make your Whirlpool outdoor hot tub spa purchase, it's important to know the basics about the different types available. Many of them have several different features and may be different from one another. For example, some spas may come with a built-in jacuzzi or a built-in hot tub for your patio. Either of these types of hot tubs is a great way to spend time relaxing with friends and family.
This standard four-person hot tub features five jets with adjustable levels, LED lighting, and a waterfall. Its 272-gallon capacity and insulated color filter help keep water clean, while its four seats come with arch support for comfortable seating. Some models include water filtration systems and ozone purification to improve your health. You can even choose a spa that includes a jetted water fountain to add a soothing mood.

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A hot tub spa requires a larger space than the advertised dimensions for a proper installation. There must be room for the service panel, stairs, and a fence gate. Some contractors recommend adding one foot to the hot tub spa's dimensions, giving it six inches on each side for a fence gate. Hot tubs are delivered laying on their sides, so a crane may be required to deliver and install it. You may want to hire a local hot tub dealer to install the spa if you'd like a turnkey service.
There are several types of hot tubs available. Inflatable models are the least expensive, lasting up to five years. These can be emptied and moved when they're not in use, and some models have jets and mood lights. Rotomolded plastic hot tubs are another option. They're lightweight and portable, but they have fewer jets and don't have the same sanitary standards as their acrylic counterparts.

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There are many options for financing your hot tub spa purchase. Many dealers accept used spas as trade-ins, and will repair cosmetic and equipment problems for you. Some dealers will even offer a warranty. The downside of working with a dealer is that you can end up paying more than you could have paid for the spa, and they may not offer warranty support if you decide to have a problem with your tub later. To avoid this, you can look for hot tub spas for sale on the internet or through a local dealer.
When purchasing a used hot tub spa, make sure you take it out for a test drive prior to buying it. If possible, turn the tub on and run it for at least 24 hours. Ask the seller for the owner's manual and repair records. Think of it like purchasing a used RV. Watch for problems and ask to see the owner demonstrate the topside control pad. Test all functions. After the first 24 hours, you can make an informed decision.

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One of the biggest challenges with hot tubs is keeping them sanitary. While the word'spa' is often used to describe a spa, it is also a general term for a hot tub. In Europe, a spa is a natural spring that uses mineral water for healing baths. These hot tubs are very different than their more modern cousins, which are generally made with less sanitary materials.
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