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Update time : 2023-05-31 17:41:36
  1. What is a Hot Tub?
JOYEE hot tub is an essential option for spas. It is made of acrylic panels and wrapped with wood-plastic skirts to form a square, rectangular, round, independent bathtub of various shapes.

Of course, there is also a lot of "knowledge" in it. The combination of large and small accessories can become a satisfactory hot tub, such as water pump, air pump, nozzle, pillow, LED light, Bluetooth music, WiFi, etc. , to provide you with a comfortable massage environment.

You can choose pools with different configurations according to your preferences.
  1. Different Types of Hot Tub
There are many types of spa hot tubs, such as:
Although the acrylic hot tub, is relatively heavy, it is built with practical accessories. You get what you pay for, and it is more durable and beautiful.
An inflatable hot tub, which pumps air in from the outside, has many advantages, is portable, and has a low built-in cost, so you can easily take it with you.
Cement hot tub, hot tubs with cement structures should be planned when the back garden of the home is being renovated, and there is no need to worry about buying hot tubs later, but it will be more troublesome for families that have already decorated their homes.
Wooden hot tub are traditional spa components that are currently being replaced by others.
Stainless steel hot tub for durability and high thermal conductivity.

JOYEE freestanding hot tub.
  1. Where to Install a Massage Spa ?
Where you want to install the hot tub can be a very personal decision, but you need to consider the following factors. The location of the hot tub needs to avoid sun exposure, rain and snow accumulation, etc., so that In order to better maintain your hot tub and increase its lifespan.
  1. What are the Benefits of Swim Pools?
The hot tub can not only be used for swimming, massage, and soaking, but it actually brings you a lot of benefits invisibly:

It improves cardiovascular health.
It helps you release stress.
It improves your metabolism.
It helps you fall asleep.
It reduces pain and muscle stiffness.
It can help normalize blood pressure.
It can help you lose weight.
It can help cleanse your body.
It can improve your mood.
  1. Do Hot Tubs help you Lose weight?
Obesity is the most common health problem of our time. Hot tub spas and swim spas can help you lose weight.

Burn 17 calories just by soaking in the spa.

However, extra accessories like water bikes and water treadmills will help you shed some extra pounds.

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