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How Should I Use The Hot Tub? | JOYEE

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Update time : 2023-05-19 11:17:16
Hot tub is for massage and relaxation. But do you really know how to use it?

JOYEE provides you with the following steps to help you use the hot tub:

Cleaning: Before using the luxury hot tub, the tub should be cleaned first. This includes washing the inside and outside of the tub with soap and warm water to make sure there is no debris or residue inside the tub.

Add warm water: Pour warm water into the tub, which should normally fill it to the proper level. Warm water helps to relax the body and provide a massaging effect.

Add chemicals: Some spa require the addition of chemicals, such as spa powder or massage agents. These chemicals can provide an extra massaging effect and help relax the body.

Choose a massage mode: Massage tubs usually provide a variety of massage modes, such as wave mode, massage mode, steam mode, etc. You can select the desired mode by pressing the corresponding button.

Relax: Once you have chosen the desired massage mode, you can lie back and relax in the tubs. Warm water and chemicals can help relax the body, reduce stress and fatigue, and you can also choose Bluetooth mode to play music, double enjoyment.

Note that caution is required when using the outdoor hot tub. If you are inexperienced or unsure how to use it, please read the relevant safety instructions first and consult a professional before use. At the same time, if you have any medical problems or allergies, you should inform the staff before use.

JOYEE outdoor spa.
Of course, JOYEE also reminds you that you need to pay attention to some security issues.
Here are some situations that should be avoided:

Osteoporosis: If you have osteoporosis, you should avoid using a modern hot tub. Because the tubs uses warm water and mechanical massage to stimulate muscles and bones, it could lead to fractures if your bones are already weak.

High blood pressure: If you have high blood pressure, you should avoid using the hot tub. Because warm water and mechanical massage may accelerate blood flow, causing blood pressure to rise.

Heart disease: Elegant hot tub use may stress the heart, so it should be avoided if you have a heart attack or other cardiovascular disease.

Infection: Before using the relaxing hot tub, you should make sure your body is clean. It should be avoided if you have a contagious disease or infection to avoid spreading the disease.

Use by children: If your child is too young, you should avoid using the outdoor hot tub. Because the hot tub can provide a comfortable massage and warm water, it may cause children to drown in the water.

Use of chemicals: Some massage hot tub require the use of chemicals, such as spa powders or massaging agents. If you are unsure how to use these chemicals, you should consult a professional.

In conclusion, if you have any health problems or concerns, you should consult a doctor or professional before using the spa hot tub. At the same time, when using the hot tub, be sure to follow the safety instructions to ensure your own safety.
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