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FAQ about hot tub V | JOYEE

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Update time : 2023-06-30 11:34:03
  1. Can I Use Hot Tub in Summer?
You will be amazed to know that YES, you can use your hot tub in summers.
However, do not just cut the electricity supply to your tub because cutting the electricity supply and keeping water in the pool may damage your spa.
The hot tubs of JOYEE have an “Economy Mode” and “Sleeping Mode” you need to run your bathtub with either of these two modes and it will lower the temperature, and you could use your spa in summers too.
  1. What is the easiest way to Maintain a Spa?
You might think it takes a lot of your money and energy to maintain a hot tub, but it is far easier and budget-friendly than you think.  You need to keep a few things and follow a specific schedule.
Test and adjust the water quality of the spa once a month.
Test the water filter once every two months and replace it after one year.
Drain and refill the water in the spa after every 4-6 months.
Try to air out the spa cover twice in a week.
Add water in the spa, when it is needed to fill the pool.
  1. How to Drain and Refill the Massage Pool?
Draining and refilling a hot tub usually takes thirty minutes to one hour depending on the spa’s size and capacity.
However, you have to follow specific steps to drain and refill the water. Here is a guide for the process.
Turn off the power of the spa.
Find the valve of your spa and use the primary valve for drainage.
Carefully attach the garden hose to the primary valve of the spa.
Open the knob on the valve to drain the water.
After draining the water, clean the spa with sanitizer and other required chemicals and then refill your spa and enjoy.
  1. Can I Turn Off the Bathtub?
If you are a new hot tuber, you will have this question to turn off it frequently.
The answer to JOYEE Spa’s team is, NO. A spa should remain 24/7 because frequent on and off and the frequent fluctuation of temperature may increase your electricity cost.
You will be amazed to know that if you left your spa all the time, it will decrease your electricity cost and save your budget.
  1. How to Clean a Modern Tub that is sitting for Years?
If your spa is sitting for years, you need to clean it properly before reusing it.  Follow these steps;
Clean the filter.
Clean the shell.
Properly check the wiring and make sure it has no damage and faults.
Refill !

  1. How Much Does a Hot Tub Weigh?
There is no accurate answer to this question because every spa has a different design and seating capacity.
Therefore, the weight of hot tub depends upon the size, seats and other features.
However, a spa with 2-3 persons capacity weigh around 300-500 lbs without water, and a spa with 6-8 persons capacity weigh approximately 1,000 lbs without water.
  1. Why Pool Water Cloudy?
The alkalinity in the water is the ultimate cause of cloudy water.
Therefore, the owner should keep an eye on the alkalinity or calcium hardness. The ideal alkalinity for pool water is between 80-120 ppm.
However, you can solve the issue by doing some simple things such as;
Use sanitizer in water.
Always take a shower before soaking into the spa.
Make sure that the water circulation system is working efficiently.
  1. Which Major Manufacturers are there in the world?
Here are some best brands of Spas.
Hot Springs
Dimension One
  1. What is a Certificate of Hot Tub?
NSF/ ANSI is granting certificates to the high-quality hot tub, swim spa and other products. NSF certified products are reliable, and high-quality products and you can purchase them.
JOYEE HOT TUB maintains high-quality with multiple certificates including CB, CE, SAA, RoHS, ETL, EPCS, RCM, C-Tick and ISO.
Place your order by contacting the JOYEE team and get high-quality certified spa.
  1. What are the IP Ratings of Hot Tubs?
It is essential to know the IP ratings of a hot tub and swim spa. The team of JOYEE Spa provides you with the guideline for ideal IP ratings.
Therefore, it is suggested that the IP rating of spa, pool and swim spas lightening should be IP68.

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