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FAQ about hot tub IV | JOYEE

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Update time : 2023-06-26 17:28:47
  1. What Temperature Should a Hot Tub Be?
Most spas have a temperature range of 26-degree centigrade to 40-degree centigrade.
However, you can select the temperature according to your body temperature and weather.
If you are using the spa in summers, the temperature should be 26-degree centigrade, and if you are using it in winters, then it should be high.
However, 40-degree centigrade is too high, and it could be unbearable. To be precise, the ideal temperature should be between 37-40 to get the spa benefits.
For Children, the temperature should be 35 degrees maximum.
  1. How to Save Cost of Running a Massage Spa?
The team of JOYEE helps you reduce the cost of running a hot tub. Follow the below-mentioned suggestions and save the cost.
Get a well-insulated spa. JOYEE Spa has a vast variety of well-insulated spas. Contact the team and get your high-quality spa to reduce the cost.
Always use the insulated cover for your spa. The cover will save 60% heat and maintain the temperature.
Insulate the cabinets of the spas.
Clean the filters of the spa.
Turn off the air valves.
Check your electricity tariff.
Opt a small size spa.
  1. How does it Take a Massage Pool to get Hot?
A spa usually takes three hours to get a proper temperature. However, the heating time depends upon different factors such as;
Outside Weather
Insulation Quality
The size
The cover
How frequently you use a spa and when was the last time you used it.
The power of the motor.
The temperature of the water that is filled in the bathtub.
  1. How to Heat the Bathtub Fast?
If you want to heat the hot tub fast, follow JOYEE HOT TUB team’s suggestions. You can heat the bathtub in just three easy steps.
First, Turn on the Jets.
Second, cover the spa with a high-quality cover that could save energy.
Third, connect a powerful heater with the spa.
  1. How to Find a Luxury China Spa Leak?
The hot tub has various sensitive points where water can leak.
If you don’t know the point of the water leak, it could be a problem as you have to fill the water again and again and ultimately it will increase your cost to have a spa.
If you face the same problem or want to ensure that your spa has no leak point, follow these steps.
Cut the electricity supply and turn it off.
Use a flashlight to examine the pump.
If you feel the wetness in the pump, replace the seal or the pump.
Examine the pipes from the pump to the spa heater.
Check the pressure switch of the spa.
Examine each pipe to its jet and feel if it’s wet or not.
Add colour to the water and observe where the colour is flowing. If it is floating towards a jet, you have found your leak.

JOYEE hot tub spa pool.
  1. How to Run Hot and Cold Tub Economically?
Do you want to relax and enjoy in the bathtub, but you are worried about the cost of running a hot tub. The team of JOYEE SPA suggests the following measures to run a spa economically.
Get a new high-quality cover.
Set on economy mode, if you are not frequently using it.
Get a well-insulated spa. However, if your spa is not well protected, add extra insulation.
Replace your old filters with new ones.
Avoid frequent changes in temperature.
If you are not using a spa, lock its cover.
Check and if it is leak, fix it.
Schedule the filtration of your hot tub.
  1. How Often Change Hot Tub Water?
The new hot tubers mostly ask this question.  The JOYEE Spa team recommends you to completely change the water after every three months.
The change of water ensures your health and hygiene besides it is good for the smooth functioning.
  1. Where can a Massage tub be Used?
If you are a new hot tuber or are planning to buy the spa, you are confused about using the spa.
You will be happy to know that you can use and install the pool anywhere you want to install and use it. You can place it indoor and outdoor.
You can use it in the garden, lounge, backyard, rooftop and entertaining area.  However, before installing and using the spa, consider your safety and privacy.
If you are planning to buy an inflatable spa that would be more convenient to use.
It is portable and effortless to move. You can carry it where ever you want.
  1. Should You Put Bubble Bath in the Tubs?
People often ask if they should put a bubble bath in the hot tub.
The answer is, NO, spas are not designed as bathtubs, and you should not add bubble bath in the water. Otherwise, you will damage your tub.
  1. Can a Hot Tub be Also a Swimming Pool?
If you want to swim in a pool but you do not own a swimming pool. Your spa can be used as a swimming pool. Go into the tub and get soaked to relax and enjoy.

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