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A Warm Place ---- Saunas | JOYEE

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Update time : 2022-12-02 11:41:17
A Warm Place ---- Saunas

For more than a millennium, the sauna has been a ritual in its own right. Heat, steam, scents, colors: all your senses are awakened to provide you with relaxation and serenity during a unique moment to live alone or to share. 
If the installation of a sauna at home allows above all to offer a bubble of well-being at home, its regular use also has many health benefits: 

By softening the muscles through the action of heat, the sauna allows your body to relax and significantly reduce fatigue. By stimulating blood circulation and muscle irrigation, the heat of the sauna also allows better recovery after sporting effort. 
But beyond physical recovery, the sauna provides above all a deep psychological relaxation, allowing your mind to let go and escape from everyday life for a few moments. 
During a sauna session, the pores of the skin dilate under the effect of the heat, thus promoting the elimination of toxins and dead skin. By combining sauna bath and exfoliation, you will offer your skin a deep cleansing allowing it to regain softness and elasticity.
The ultimate Scandinavian secret to maintaining radiant skin? The cold shower of course! Do not skip this last step of the traditional sauna ritual and conclude your session with a very cold shower before moisturizing your body with a suitable lotion. 
Two elements are decisive in the process of creating a sauna area: the choice of the cabin (prefabricated or custom-made) and that of the sauna heater . 
Elegant design, noble and robust wood species, discover our wide range of traditional saunas, wet saunas, outdoor saunas or even tailor-made.
JOYEE SPA also offers many variations of wood, finishes and accessories to find and create the sauna of your dreams. 
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