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How to choose a outdoor spa

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Update time : 2020-04-30 15:39:44
Hot tubs, or spas, are more than just giant outdoor bathtubs for lounging with a drink or a romantic partner; they also can be great for your health. Adding some hydrotherapy to your life can improve circulation and help with relaxation and stress relief. Some spas are even fitted for stationary swimming and are considered exercise hot tubs or swim spas.
Selecting a hot tub for your home -- whether for relaxation, entertaining, exercise, family or couples time -- can be a lot of fun. But as with any big-ticket purchase, choosing the right spa for your needs means sorting through many options and upgrades.

1.Type No doubt hot tubs are relaxing and romantic for most, but sometimes they're an important part of physical rehabilitation or low-impact exercise. Many of today's tubs come in a longer, lap-pool shape and operate as a kind of swimming treadmill for doing laps in place. If the shape is long or wide enough -- whether circular, irregular or rectangular -- a hot tub is great for physical therapy because it provides resistance for building or maintaining muscle strength and some jet pulsation to aid circulation and prevent or relieve tight muscles.
There also are two installation types of outdoor spa to consider: either in-ground or freestanding. This is depending on the situation of your garden, generally, the in-ground will save more space, but it will take more time to construct in the early stage. The freestanding hot tub is easy to install, and the appearance of some tub skirts is very modern and beautiful. You can definitely make the hot tub one of the artworks in your garden.
The number of seats in the outdoor pool is as few as one person and as many as a dozen. It is recommended to choose according to the number of your family. If you like to party with friends or have more children at home, it is recommended to choose the hot tub with more seats. The most popular size of hot tub usually is 6-8 person, maybe you can also consider it.
The operation of an outdoor spa requires water and electricity. Some hot tub pumps have more than one, and some have only one two-speed pump. If you do not exceed your budget, it is generally recommended to choose more pumps, similar to the "the finer the division of labor, the more effective the work".

Comfort If possible, it is always best to try out hot tubs when they're filled with water and operating. A hot tub shell that seems comfortable and well-suited for your height when seated or stretched out will feel a lot different once you're buoyant and more weightless. Try out each seat, moving from each mold and curve, to see how it feels for you and how it will feel when shared with others. For example, see if the tub is roomy enough or if there's too much knee-to-knee contact and not enough arms spread across the edge room for your liking.
Jet power is important, and it may seem like "the more jets the better," but placement and functionality of the water jets really makes a difference. Check the placement and move around a lot to determine whether you will have to feel a jet every time you sit down! If they poke into you at every turn, comfort could be an issue, but make sure there is enough power to massage muscles and get the full effect you prefer and that the settings are adjustable and easy to regulate.

Any type of major purchase usually comes with an option to upgrade the basic model or just go with the deluxe.
If colored mood light, built-in sound equipment and waterfall features can make you more relax and you need these function, also can add to hot tub easily.
If you are too lazy to read the tips above, you can directly contact our staff to start your hot tub purchase.
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