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Design concept | JOYEE

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Update time : 2024-02-23 17:44:15

1. The spa design field in the future will definitely be very different from that of ten years ago. Nowadays, all hoteliers, developers and guests are more aware of SPA and want to enjoy the benefits brought by SPA, especially focusing on improving physical and mental health and well-being, just relying on dim lights, water features, and wooden Southeast Asian style The existing furniture and furnishings can no longer meet the hardware needs of future SPA.

2. In the design of the SPA, we aim to infuse real perception and soul, as well as maintain authenticity and a sense of place. We must pay great attention to the flow and space planning of the guest experience, and make full use of the geographical location of the SPA to maximize its advantages.

You can create a feeling of nature by designing a spa garden. But if there is no garden, nature can be integrated into the health experience by having outdoor landscapes, infinity pools or urban terraces, a large number of indoor plants, or semi-open treatment rooms. Anywhere with outdoor space should be fully utilized to embrace nature.

When the weather is warm, it’s also a good idea to consider extending spa services outdoors if conditions permit, even if it’s just for a post-treatment break, as guests love natural spaces. Even if the weather conditions are not favorable, a radiator provides an extraordinary sensory experience and creates a cozy little corner outdoors. Indoors, you can moderately reduce the seating area, retain a certain amount of private space, and use screens or decorations to subtly divide different areas.
Necessary hygiene measures can be part of a luxurious cleaning ritual. Essential oils and other enriching products can be incorporated into your cleansing ritual. Technology also plays a role in contactless check-in, but a human welcome remains a key part of the spa experience. Spa operators should conduct a sensory audit of their facilities to see if there is adequate natural light and pay close attention to spa odors. Because these will affect the SPA experience and the guests' physical and mental state.

3. With the development of technology in spas, including the recent rise of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and cryotherapy equipment, as well as some comprehensive bathing experiences and fitness equipment, we need to carefully consider the design of spa centers to accommodate the use of some large-scale equipment. , these devices take up a lot of space.
To ensure guests enjoy a luxurious experience, the implantation of health technology needs to be carefully designed. First, we need to make sure these spaces are aesthetically pleasing and large enough, ideally by making them a fully immersive environment that integrates the device into the overall experience. For such high-value treatments, the experience must be elegant and luxurious, matching the other elements of the spa and the treatment experience, and consistent with the natural philosophy of the spa itself.
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